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#opk Community Campaign 2025

What our future could look like...

Are you interested in seeing exactly what Oak Park Swim Club could look like with the additions and renovations? Check out these renderings and video from Danforth Designed!

With your help, our new spaces will be completed in phases over the next 5-7 years.

Phase I will include:

      • stabilize ground where tennis courts used to be 
      • grassy play area
      • playground
      • picnic area 
      • paved grilling area with fireplace 

Phase II will include:

    • raised gardens
    • steps leading down the hill to playground

Phase III will include:

    • new fencing
    • pathway leading from pool entrance to playground
    • expanded pool deck
    • shelter

Phase IV will include:

      • adding access to restrooms year-round
      • renovations and upgrades to existing clubhouse space
Phase V will include:
      • major changes to existing clubhouse, including addition of 2nd story party/rental room
The timeline and projects are subject to change based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to fundraising, city/county codes, and other facility repairs or maintenance needed to move forward. 

To see what our space can look like upon completion, check out this fly-through:

Mitch Danforth is a talented designer who grew up in Oak Park! He swam on the swim team and coached too. He is the owner of Danforth Designed right here in Raleigh. With his partner, Nancy, Danforth Designs can help you with just about any residential project, including

> new construction | primary residences, vacation retreats

major remodels | reconfiguring your entire house (or part of it)

additions | master suites, common spaces, multi-story

kitchen and common area remodels |  making the most of your most-used space

bath and closet remodels | customizing and/or expanding storage space

interior design |   finishes, furnishings, architectural details

space conversions | expanding your space but not your footprint

outdoor design |  attached/detached structures, hardscapes

 ...and beyond!

    reading corners, creative studios, hot tub havens, boathouses, guest cabins, glamping facilities, whatever you dream up :)

Check them out today!

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