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Oak Park Swim Club is a private club for members and their guests and governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership annually. A variety of membership options are available to meet the needs of any individual, couple, or family. Our mission is to promote community engagement by providing an exceptional swim club experience at an incredible value. 

The central feature of Oak Park Swim Club is our 4,500 square foot pool! Given the unique design of the pool, our pool boasts 5 25-meter swim lanes as well as 5 25-yard swim lanes that run perpendicular to the main section of the pool. Additionally, there is a 2-foot section with steps for our younger swimmers. We have two diving boards at competition height - a 1-meter board and a 3-meter board - as well as a slide. The pool deck is stocked with chairs, lounge chairs, shaded areas, grills, and picnic tables. Restrooms with showers and changing areas are in the clubhouse, as is a snack bar. The pool is open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend each year. We also have a swim team for kids up to age 18 that competes in the Tarheel Swimming Association

We hope you will take the time to explore our site and get a full appreciation of all the club has to offer. Please subscribe to our mailing list or contact us via email (board@oakparkpool.com) if you have any questions.

History of Oak Park Swim Club

The subdivision of Oak Park began to be developed in the mid-1960's in the House Creek Township in Wake County. Only a mile west of Crabtree, at that time, the neighborhood wasn't even in the city limits of Raleigh at the time! Like many parts of Wake County, the population of House Creek Township has increased drastically since its initial development. Annexed by the City of Raleigh in the 1970's, House Creek Township had a population of 57,439 as of the 2010 census, an 11% increase over 2000.

In the mid-60's, with families moving into Oak Park from all over the country at a rate of about 2 per month, the neighbors formed a homeowner's association and quickly put building a pool and tennis courts at the top of the list. Oak Park Swim Club was established in 1968 to serve the families in Oak Park and surrounding areas. With the largest pool in the surrounding area, as well as amenities such as a 3-meter AND a 1-meter diving board and a slide, Oak Park Swim Club quickly became the place to be! The HOA hired Coach Mike Shea as the first swim coach, and he continued to run to the pool each summer day from his home inside the beltline to coach swim practices and meets for 20 years! 

In the late 90's and early 2000's, the kids in the area were moving out and going off to college, but their parents were still in place in their homes as empty nesters in Oak Park. This meant trouble for Oak Park Swim Club, as membership dropped to a point where neighbors weren't sure the pool could stay open. In the last 15 years, however, Oak Park and many other surrounding neighborhoods have experienced a resurgence with young couples and families moving in and renovating the 60's and 70's-era homes. Club membership has continued to grow each year, to the point the Board is considering a cap on memberships in 2020. 

Future of Oak Park Swim Club

The original tennis courts were demolished in 2019 to make way for a renovation to keep our club in the best shape possible. Soon, we will install a playground and covered patio with a grilling area and plans are underway for multiple phases of renovation to our club. 

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Oak Park Pool

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