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New Membership Initiation $450

This is a one time payment as long as either membership or membership maintenance is paid annually. 

Annual Membership Dues:

Type Description Early Bird Standard 
 Household Any combination of 3 or more people (adults and children) residing together $880  $930
 Adult Couple Two adults without dependents $660 $710
 Adult Single One adult without dependents $490 $540
 Senior Couple Two adults, one over the age of 60. (Does not include membership for adult children or dependents.) $490 $540
 Senior Single One adult over the age of 60. (Does not include membership for adult children or dependents.) $350  $400
 Single Parent/One Child One adult and one dependent residing together (more than one dependent, please refer to Household Membership) $660 $710
 Maintenance Only Maintains membership in OPK, including voting rights, but does not include access to facilities.  $225 $225

*Early Bird pricing applies to accounts paid in full by March 31, 2024.

Members are permitted to bring up to four adults (and their children) as guests. Guest passes are $5 each. In 2024, each membership will be given 10 complimentary guest passes. Up to 5 may be used on a single day. Complimentary guest passes may not be used on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. 

For Single, Couple, and Single Parent/One Child memberships: Other members of the same household who are not on the membership are not eligible to come to the pool as a Guest.


Oak Park Pool

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