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Guest Policy

Pool members are welcome to bring guests to the pool at a cost of $2 per guest per visit. Individual guest fees can be paid at the time of the visit (cash only please) or a guest punch pass may be purchased for $20 which allows up to 12 guest visits. 

Oak Park resident non-members may visit the pool on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July. If you are interested in joining the pool please visit our membership page.

Please Note: It is requested that our members limit the number of guests they bring at one time to no more than one family per member per visit (approximately 4-7 depending on the family size). For safety reasons the pool is contractually required to staff the appropriate number of lifeguards for the number of people using the pool at any given time. Limiting the number of guests to one family ensures the pool does not experience an unanticipated increase in pool patrons that would require additional staffing. Pool guests may visit the pool up to 5 times. This limit is to accommodate those members that may have extended visitors. Please contact the pool management at info@oakaparkpool.com for any questions regarding the guest policy, or if you require an exception to the guest pass rules that the pool can reasonably accommodate. 

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Welcome to the web site for Oak Park Pool. Our facility is located in the Oak Park subdivision. Conveniently accessible from either Glenwood Avenue or Duraleigh Rd, Oak Park Club is nestled in a quiet, wooded area with a 4,500 sq. foot pool, with both high and low diving boards, a designated area for youngsters.


Oak Park Pool
4425 Oak Park Road
Raleigh, NC 27612
+1 (919) 787-1184

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