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COVID-19 Updates

We will keep this page updated with the latest information regarding COVID-19 as it impacts the operations of Oak Park Swim Club. Check back often for the latest updates.

June 10, 2020

With a full week bookended with two beautiful weekends it really feels like summer pool season here in Oak Park. It sure is nice to have some sense of normalcy with all of the issues our society is facing these days. 

Your board is meeting regularly with each other, the management, staff and speaking with individual members as needed. Communication is so very important and we encourage all of you to reach out to us if you have any issues you would like to talk about or ideas on how our club can be better for everyone. This is a much different time for us all and working together is key.

As we said before, we will be revisiting and revising some rules as we need to throughout the summer to continue to provide the safest and most comfortable pool experience possible for our staff and members. 

Occupancy - Our max in water occupancy this year is 47 people. This is half of our normal max capacity. Most of the time this isn't a problem to adhere to but on some peak days at peak hours, as memberships have grown, we have exceeded this number. We have to adhere to this without exception so effective immediately the guards will blow an air horn if max is breached and clear the pool for 7 minutes. If this happens twice in a week we will be forced to implement a reservation system that all members will have to use when visiting the pool, greatly limiting member access. We are doing everything we can to avoid this route and we need your help to make sure we don’t have to make this next move.

Unsupervised Children - Oak Park Club allows children 10 and older to use the pool without parental supervision. We have always welcomed our youth to the pool, a place that we all consider very safe and parents can let their children go be part of the community without them being present. For now this will still be allowed but ONLY during the week. Effective immediately, on Saturdays and Sundays no one under 18 years old will be allowed at the pool without an adult that is on the same membership accompanying them. 

Behavior - Only 11 days into the pool season and we have had some incidents of disrespect toward the lifeguards and pool facilities, blatant entitlement issues among some of our teens and extreme lack of good decision making among a lot of the unsupervised children. This behavior is unacceptable and in times like these must end immediately. 

Guests - Because we are having occupancy issues, guests will still not be allowed at this time. We do want to clarify though that, non-member babysitters as long as they are accompanying a child that is a member will be allowed to the pool.

Social Distancing - This is a recommendation from the CDC and just about every regulatory and governmental agency you can think of as one of the best tools to fight COVID-19. But it is a recommendation and not a mandate. As said before it’s not in Oak Park Club’s power to change people’s behavior and not fair to ask our lifeguards to police a subject that isn’t as cut and dry as right or wrong. However it is in our communities best interest that we continue to remind people that social distancing is important. We have signs everywhere around the pool and have talked about this subject several times in communication with members. 

Parents please help encourage your kids as well. This won’t only help ease concerns among members at the pool but as society begins to open and kids go back to school in the fall this is going to be an expectation. Again, we encourage you all to wear masks when social distancing can’t be adhered to like arriving and leaving the pool. 

Deck Furniture - We originally asked people to not move any of the furniture and keep only one family unit per furniture group. This has been widely ignored and needs to be adhered to.  We will be re-grouping the furniture and marking off the groupings so they are obvious. These groupings aren’t to be moved. As said before, you are encouraged to bring your own furniture if your family needs more chairs. 

LifeGuard Counter - In efforts to help protect our staff we added shielding to the lifeguard counter before we opened the pool. To further protect our staff we will be adding a barrier to the counter opening. Effective immediately only authorized persons will be allowed behind the counter. We will also not be storing ANY personal items for members in the refrigerator, freezer or counter area. We need to keep this area clean, uncluttered, unoccupied and decrease contact for our staff as much as possible. 

Help Needed - Rules say that when pool occupancy is over 25 we must have 2 lifeguards on the stand. This creates a couple of problems, we have to go to a 15 minute break which is a bummer but we also no longer have anyone to check in members. Checking in members is vital for us keeping track of who is at the pool. In our new normal its even more important to be able to track this data. 

We need some volunteer help on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 to work the counter and check in members. Broughton students can use this as community service hours as well. Please reach out to us if you can help out. 

Again, if you are new or haven’t been a member for several years please make sure you fill out our member waiver https://www.oakparkpool.com/Waiver-of-Liability/ and our high dive rules https://www.oakparkpool.com/High-Dive-Rules/ if you plan to use it this summer.

Also, if your child is going to come unaccompanied during the week please fill out this https://www.oakparkpool.com/Unaccompanied-Child/ 

These forms MUST be filled out and you can drop them off at the guard counter. They also have copies at the counter if you’d like to fill it out next time you're at the pool or print them out ahead of time with the below links.




May 24, 2020

We are so excited that the pool will open next Saturday, May 30th! To do this safely, we will need all members to adhere to some new and additional rules, regulations, and expectations.  This list can change as we move through the summer. Rules may become more flexible if we see that relaxing some of them is appropriate or they could become more strict if we deem it necessary to protect the safety of our members and staff.

Guests - Guests will not be allowed until further notice

Parties - No official parties will be allowed until further notice 

Concessions - We will not be offering a snack bar at this time. You are welcome to bring food and drinks with you, however, please remember to refrain from bringing any glass containers to the pool. 

Early Morning Lap Swim - Lap swim won’t be offered until further notice. A lane is available during the day. When lap swimming, please only one swimmer per lane unless of the same family.

Swim Team - Our league,TSA, will not have an official season, but has given the flexibility for clubs to continue providing swim team activities this year at individual pools. We are currently working on getting a season up and running for our youth and will send more information when it’s available. 

Bathrooms - Restrooms will be limited to one member/family at a time. No showers will be available. Only enter the restroom if the door is open and pull the door shut behind you. Leave the door open when you exit.  Please wait outside the restrooms behind the indicated lines to promote social distancing. You are encouraged to wear a mask when visiting the restroom, as there is only one way in and out. 

Entryway / Check In - Please stand on the floor markings as you wait to enter and check in to adhere to social distancing. You are encouraged to wear a mask when coming and going, as there is only one way in and out. 

Social Distancing - We all know by now how important this is in our everyday lives at this point. We can’t let our guards down at the pool. Our pool deck furniture is set up in groups of 2-4 chairs around the fence. This furniture is not to be moved! These groupings are generally 8-9 feet apart. Please keep one family per grouping. There will be no sharing tables unless you are in the same family. You may bring your own chairs if you need more for your family. 

Social distancing needs to be honored in the water as well as on the pool deck. Please pay close attention to your kids and make sure they understand the rules of distancing so all of our members feel comfortable at the pool. 

There will be plenty of signage reminding members of expectations as well as markings on the floor in areas where people wait in line like, check-in counter, diving boards, and bathrooms. 

Occupancy - Our max occupancy will be lowered this season to help with social distancing. We ask our members to please be kind to your neighbors. At times of peak usage we ask you to remember “When the Pool is Full, Please Use the Rule: Swim for 15 & Sun for 15 to Give Fellow Members Time to Swim Too!”

We believe that Oak Park Club can, and will, adhere to the occupancy guidelines and maintain appropriate social distancing with normal pool operations. Everyone, please work together to help us create a safe and comfortable pool experience for all of our members. 

Pool Toys and Lost and Found - There will be no communal pool toys available this year. Bring your own noodles, frisbees, and whatnot. If you bring it in, bring it home. Items left behind will be discarded. 

Trash - Please make sure to clean up after yourselves. If you bring it in, take it home or put it in the appropriate trash/recycle receptacle. Our staff will need to focus their cleaning time on sanitizing surfaces, not picking up after members. 

Hand Hygiene / Sanitizing Surfaces - Please wash and sanitize your hands regularly. Our pool management company is providing a hand hygiene station at the front door as you come in. Please use but don’t abuse this. They have stated that if the sanitizer is stolen on a regular basis then the pool will have to provide it and it's hard to come by. 

Our pool management will also be providing surface sanitizer. Please use it, but also don’t abuse it. The pool will have to provide this if abuse becomes an issue.

Although the lifeguards will be cleaning the pool’s high touch points regularly, we suggest that you bring sanitizing wipes for furniture and hand sanitizer with you.  

Sick Members - Do not enter the pool if you are sick under any circumstances. Do not enter the pool if you or any member of your household is quarantining due to exposure to COVID-19. If you, or a member of your household, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of your last visit to the pool please contact us immediately. 

Higher Risk Members - The first hour the pool is open every morning will be dedicated for members that are at higher risk of complications from Covid-19. These include, but aren’t limited to, members that are/have:

  • 65 and older
    Pregnant women
    Severe asthma
    Cerebral palsy
    Chronic liver disease
    Chronic Kidney disease
    Heart disease 

Our members at high risk are welcome anytime but we ask that only those members enter the pool during this timeframe. 

Masks - All members are encouraged to wear a mask when entering and leaving the pool, going to the bathroom or at any time social distancing isn’t possible.

We all need to realize that everyone has a different comfort level but we all want to enjoy the pool this summer. That being said, we need to respect each other’s opinions on how to keep themselves and their families safe. We want everyone to feel comfortable and have a great pool season. 

May 20, 2020

Opening Day

Our pool management company has informed us we will not be able to open Memorial Day weekend, even if executive orders allow it. We are planning to open on May 30. 

May 16, 2020

Planning for Opening the Pool

At this time, we are awaiting executive orders that moves North Carolina to Phase 2 and planning for how we might structure processes and the environment to ensure safety for our members and staff while still opening the pool. Some parameters we intend to follow are:

Sick Patrons: Any member who is ill, or has recently been ill, should not come to the pool. This includes any person with a fever, persistent cough, or trouble breathing. We ask that anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of visiting the pool alert the Pool Board President, James Castellow, of potential exposure for members. (james@oakparkpool.com)

Sign-Up Slots and Limited Capacity: We will use an online reservation or sign-up system for members to make a reservation to come to the pool. By breaking the day up into smaller chunks, we can ensure access for the maximum number of members while still decreasing the number of people in attendance at one time. We anticipate capacity to be 50 members in the facility at one time.

Social Distancing: With a limited number of people in the facility at one time, furniture will be arranged in groups that allow for ample distancing between families. We ask that members also practice social distancing of at least 6 feet when anywhere on the pool deck or in the pool.

Additional Cleaning and Sanitation: The sign-up slots will include time between so that staff can sanitize the facility, including deck furniture, between guest visits.

Concessions: While we hope to be able to do so later this summer, we will not open the concession stand yet. Members are welcome to bring coolers with snacks and drinks as long as no glass containers are brought to the pool. We are also trying to procure vending machines for the convenience of our members.

Guests: To ensure maximum availability for our members, guests will not be permitted.  Babysitters of young children will be allowed when parents are not present. 

Restrooms: Restroom access will be limited to one member/member family at a time.

Unaccompanied Children: Our pool policy is that member children at least 11 years of age are permitted to come to the pool without a parent. This will continue to be permitted during Phase II, however, failure to adhere to all pool rules will result in suspension of privilege to attend without a parent present. 

Infractions: Members who fail to adhere to rules or are disrespectful to staff will be asked to leave the facility and membership may be suspended or revoked.

We anticipate guidance from the state and/or Wake County Health Department mid-week and will update members with plans for opening. Based on this guidance, your Oak Park Swim Club could open as soon as Saturday, May 23! We will keep members posted through email, this website, and social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Swim Team

The TSA meet has already been cancelled, however, other swim team activities are yet to be determined. We are hopeful to offer a swim team experience for our children this summer!

May 13, 2020

It's May 13 and the pool looks amazing! Can't you see yourself up on that diving board or lounging in the sun? Thanks to the diligent work from Aquatech, our pool passed inspection this week! While we are waiting on further direction from the state and county regarding public health, we are one step closer to enjoying our amazing community pool!

Board Meeting

Your board met this evening to discuss opening and are planning for an opening date of Saturday, May 30. Discussion centered around potential changes that may be necessary this summer in order to protect the health of our members and staff. Some things to consider include limiting attendance, having closures during the day for cleaning, and social distancing procedures. Members can expect other changes this summer such as no guests, bringing your own furniture, and other potential changes too. Messaging around plans will be sent to members soon.

May 10, 2020

Update on Pool Opening

At this time, we still do not know when North Carolina will move into Phase 2 or what Wake County is going to allow in terms of pools opening. However, we are continuing to work with Aquatech as if the pool will open on Memorial Day. A Wake County Health Department inspection was held the week of May 3, and the only finding was a faulty phone line - which has been repaired by AT&T. So we expect the pool to pass inspection the week of May 10.  As mentioned previously, we are still considering what operational changes might need to be in place to operate safely for our members. And Aquatech is still hiring lifeguards, so please visit our hiring page if you, or someone you know, is interested in working at Oak Park Swim Club this summer.

How Did the Board Arrive at the $175 Stock Maintenance Fee for 2020?

There have been several questions and postings on social media related to the $175 Stock Maintenance Fee for 2020, which is considerably higher than this fee has been in the past. 

This fee for 2020 is based on a scenario where the pool does not open in 2020, and we have to cover operating expenses from October 2019 (when the pool closed down) through December 2020 (when we typically start to receive some membership income).  As James mentioned previously, we have expenses for pool maintenance, taxes, insurance, and utilities that continue throughout the year. The table below shows actual pool expenses between October 1, 2019 and April 30,2020 - along with estimated expenses for the remainder of 2020.  Based on our cash position at the end of last September, we estimate we need $38,704.64 of income to sustain the pool through the end of 2020.

In 2020, we moved to year round maintenance of the pool with Aquatech whereby the pool is maintained to a certain level throughout the year - including running the pump and applying chemicals periodically. If the pool does not open at all for 2020, and we decide not to continue with year round maintenance, we believe we can lower pool management fees and utility bills to some degree - although we cannot eliminate them completely. Also, we believe we would be able to lower our liability insurance costs. Under this scenario, we estimate we would need roughly $30,000 to cover the pool through the end of 2020. Dividing $30,000 by the number of members in 2019 - approximately 175 members - yields a fee of $171, which we rounded up to $175.

If the pool does open on time, or later in the summer, we will re-forecast our 2020 budget at that time. However, early indications are that some members will not be joining this year regardless - due to uncertainty or financial hardship. Also, we do not anticipate as many new memberships as we have had in recent years. In this scenario, the $175 Stock Maintenance Fee for those who do not join is intended to cover the gap between reduced membership for the 2020 season and full operating expenses.

April 30, 2020

Pool Opening

Your Board is continuing to work with our pool management company, Aquatech, to plan for opening on time, while also considering contingency plans should we be required to postpone opening, or even remain closed, for the 2020 season. An Wake County Health Department inspection is scheduled for the week of May 3. Your Board is considering what operational changes might need to be in place to operate safely for our members. Aquatech is still hiring lifeguards, so please visit our hiring page if you, or someone you know, is interested in working at Oak Park Swim Club this summer.


Because we are planning to open, and we incur operational costs whether we are open or not, we are asking that members go ahead and pay their membership dues for the 2020 season. Because all members are stockholders, there is an annual stockholder fee to retain stockholder privileges, such as voting. The stockholder fee is included in annual membership costs, however, there is a maintenance fee for those who would like to defer membership to a later season. The 2020 stockholder fee is $175. The due date for membership is May 15, 2020. 

Should the club open late or remain closed for the 2020 season, a portion of membership dues may be refunded, credited to 2021 membership dues, or donated to the #opkraleigh Community Campaign 2025. Invoices will be sent on May 1 with a link to renew your membership, please sign-in to your account. Automatic membership renewals have been suspended so that members are not charged if their joining plans have changed. 

So that your board can continue planning, we are asking that all 2019 members complete this form to let us know your intentions for the 2020 season. 

Swim Team

Coach Beth, Coach Tiffany, and Coach Jamie are continuing to plan for an amazing 2020 swim team season. The Tarheel Swimming Association (TSA), our local swim team governing body, is meeting on Friday, May 1, to determine what changes might need to be made for the season. Should TSA decide to not hold a 2020 season, your club coaches intend to offer practices and inter-club meets this summer.

Club Workdays

There is much work to be done to prepare for the 2020 season and your help is needed! Rather than the traditional "Work Days" this spring, we have provided tasks on this Sign-Up Genius and are asking for help at whatever time works for you. We do ask, however, that you follow the following guidelines to keep yourself and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic:

      • No more than 10 people working at the same time
      • No one under 18 without a parent or supervising adult
      • Practice physical distancing (at least 6 feet apart)
      • Wear facemasks if other folks are there at the same time
      • Wash or sanitize hands before coming to the pool and as soon as you get back home
      • After you sign up, please coordinate with a board member to gain access to the pool on the date you choose to work (info@oakparkpool.com)

#opkraleigh Community Campaign 2025

The campaign is continuing, however, in low-key mode with minimal promotion at the moment. We know the pandemic has created uncertainty and changed family financial situations and do not want our members and community to feel pressured at this time. We are still accepting pledges and donations and appreciate any support our community can give.

The closing date for Brick Paver Orders has been changed to July 31, to allow our community time to get past the stay-at-home orders and adjust to their "new normals." 

While our construction timeline has been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to be hopeful to complete Phase I in the coming months. 



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