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Piranha Expectations

Piranha swimmers and parents are expected to show good sportsmanship, commitment, and respect for self and others. Click on the piranha below to learn more about expectations for swimmers and parents.

Swim Meets

Swim meets take place on Tuesday nights and begin at 6 pm, rain or shine. Home meet warm-ups are from 5 pm until 5:30 pm; please arrive at 4:45 pm. Away meet warm-ups are from 5:30 pm until 6 pm; please arrive by 5:15.

The order of events at each meet is: medley relay, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and free relay. Each event alternates boys/girls and begins with the youngest age group. 

6 & Unders who are officially on the swim team (can swim across the deep end unaided) swim at the meets. The meet schedule for them is freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke - covering 15 meters.  7-to-8 swimmers and 9-to-10 swimmers swim 25 meters and 11 & Older swimmers swim 50 meters. 

Meets typically finish between 9 pm and 10 pm. 

At swim meets, each team will be assigned a certain area to stay in while waiting to swim. Please stay with the team, cheer for your teammates and listen for your event to be called. When leaving at the end of each meet, please pick up your trash. We want to be remembered as good sportsmen and thoughtful guests.  If you are unable to participate in a meet, please let your coach know as soon as possible. It is difficult to make changes to the roster at the last minute. 

Post-meet celebrations are held after each meet — home and away. The location will be announced during the meet. 


Aspiring team members must be: 

  1.  18 or younger; 

  2. A current member of Oak Park Swim Club; 

  3. Capable of swimming across the deep end of the pool without assistance:

  4. Capable of swimming the length of the pool, if 7 or older, in order to practice with their age group. 

Those who are not able to swim the full length of the pool may join the team and practice with the 6 & Under group, but they will not swim in meets.

    To ensure that each team member meets these standards, we will hold a swim test for all swimmers at our first time trial session. Children may join the team at any point during the season once they meet our requirements. 

    Swimmers will compete in the age group they fall in on June 1. 

    Cost Per Season

    In order to purchase practice and meet supplies as well as pay for other costs associated with running the swim team, there is a cost to join the team. As part of membership on the team, swimmers will receive a team t-shirt. Parents may order the t-shirt as well for a nominal cost. This year's swimmer costs are:

    • 1st Swimmer: $100.00
    • Additional Swimmers in same family: $75 each

    In order to have a successful meet, we need volunteers at every event, whether home or away.  We need help with timing, hospitality, running the concessions, preparing ribbons, and many other activities. 

    Read here about the various volunteer positionsGuidelines for Clerks of Course and Guidelines for Timing

    We require that each family (at least one parent) help out for at least 3 of the 6 meets. And more is better!  Most jobs require no experience and friendly on-the-job training will be provided.  If you have signed up for a job and are unable to be at a meet as scheduled, please be sure to find a replacement.  Parents with only a 17-18 year old swimmers are exempt from volunteer requirements.


    The swim team will have a concession stand during each home meet. We ask each family to bring two dozen individually wrapped snacks or backed goods to sell at the concession stand. Cookies, cupcakes, individually packaged fruits, trail mix and popcorn are always great sellers. Proceeds will benefit the team and help offset expenses.

    Team Swimsuits

    People wishing to purchase the Oak Park Piranhas official swim suit should visit:

    All American Swim Supply

    (919) 439-8678

    When visiting the store, let them know you are with the Oak Park Swim Team to ensure you get the team discount. The Cary store is open 10-6 Monday through Friday, 10-4 Saturday and closed on Sunday. They also have a satellite store in North Raleigh that is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 10:00 to 6:00.


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